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Welcome to Amthyst. Like the stone (sans the “e”), we are here to purify, reinvigorate, protect, and preserve your true self and style, while enhancing it simultaneously. Our ethos centers on >YOU< our customers — you are the driving force behind everything we undertake. When curating our collections our creative direction is influenced by the needs of our customers, cues from social media and pop culture. Amthyst dolls boldly navigate through fashion, creating and disrupting trends along the way. 

We are committed to making fashion both stylish and inclusive. To ensure you stay ahead of the fashion curve, our website is refreshed weekly with the newest items. Leveraging cutting-edge designs, quality materials patterns, and gorgeous prints,, we deliver stunning fashion pieces at wallet-friendly prices.

Our team explores the world visiting various markets and fashion houses to select the very best staple pieces that will define your style. Expect to find what you want and need. Due to high demand, if you do arrive at a dress, handbag, cute pair of shoes, swimsuit, or any of our amazing hand-selected pieces, and find it out of stock simply contact one of our out-of-this-world customer service reps (live chat, contact us page, slide into our DMs or however you will be communicating).

Our top priority here at Amthyst is to create an invigorating, reliable and safe shopping experience for our customers' mind, body, and style. 

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