Tips To Define Your Own Personal Style

Nail It Every Time!!

So, we all have a personal style, but we can't always put a label on it! Having a personal style does not mean you have to stick to a uniform dress code, it simply is your overall taste in how you put your looks together. We know we want a certain vibe in our look, but sometimes we truly overthink it. We got your back on some quick tips on how to define that awesome style of yours. 

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1. Top 5

Pick out five looks from your closet, just five outfits you would wear out in social settings. From those five looks, choose where you would go in each outfit; this gives you an honest sense of your personal taste. Make sure to remember your accessories when choosing your outfits! 

2. Sort Through Your Issues...

Your personal style can be seen in our closets but with a mix of limited budgets and some hand-me-downs, we don't always own everything that we would want to be a part of our personal style. Look through some fashion-focused magazines and pick out clothing and accessories that will be in your future wardrobe! This will help you set some new goals, gather tons of inspo for your own closet, and show you that your style is maybe even more awesome than you think! 

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3. Model Behavior

Ask a friend, guy or girl, to let you play dress-up with them one day! Not only will this be amazingly fun, entertaining, and exciting to transform your friend into a lice model, but it will give you an objective perspective on your personal style as well. By dressing someone other than yourself, you are able to see what you think looks good on others too. 

Never overthink it! Your personal style evolves with you and there are tons of amazing ways to define and express it. Remember to check out our top picks from our shop the look section and shop all the fabulous pieces that fit your style!

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