Things You Can Do With Your Summer Time & Change

Things You Can Do With Your Summer Time & Change

It is summertime! Some people are vacationing and partying the nights away, while some people are working every hour they can to save up for next semester. Summer is a season that encourages fun excursions and adventures. Budgeting for the upcoming season is mandatory if you plan to enjoy a plentiful holiday season. Summer is a harder season to find balance as so much fun and freedom is in the air! Nevertheless, it is still necessary to have a balance of working, enjoying other's company, and relaxing. Let's touch on a few tips and can-do's for an enjoyable summer that will seamlessly transition into a positive fall. 

Sweet Summer Retreats

Summer flings are a thing, but this is also a season that allows plenty of time for cute date nights and day time activities fitting for two. Keep it simple and sweet this summer by grabbing an ice cream cone and spending some time on the beach. The beach has tons of visitors, yet plenty of space for you to find a spot where you all can chat, enjoy the sun, and cool down with a sweet treat all on a sweet small budget. Visiting a local bakery will surprise you as well! Grab a friend with a sweet tooth and look up "local bakeries near you," spend some time trying new pastries and cooling down or take it to the park and share and compare cannolis!

Work It Out

With so much partying all around, it can be hard to remember to get the recommended universal standard of 30 minutes of exercise, minimum, a day. The sun is shining more days than not so take advantage! Walk to the store instead of driving. Yes, you will sweat, but you will feel great and accomplished. By walking instead of driving those short distances, you will help cool down the summers for the upcoming generations, as we are seeing Global Warming Is Real, and get in your daily exercise. Also, take time to stop by the park. Take your furry friend, or go solo and get in a good stretch and walk or run. Many parks have installed outdoor gym equipment for public use, such as the elliptical, sit-up benches, bars for stretching and more; you can now even get in a high-intensity workout at your local park. 

Cook In, Treat Out

A good tip to prevent the summer splurge is to cook at home and use outside eating for treats! Buying groceries is better for the budget and allows you to eat much healthier. We all love eating out at all the yummy restaurants around, and we are not recommending you stop! It is more cost-efficient and even seems more enjoyable to use your outdoor runs for treats as opposed to your primary meals. You will be surprised by what you save and will probably become a famous chef, so try it! Also with all the money you save using these tips, create a challenge for yourself like saving every $5 bill you have; put them all in an envelope. You will definitely be ecstatic when you reach the end of the summer hits and you are ending it with a splash instead of sad from the splurge! Enjoy your summer 2019! 

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