Is It Time For You To Wear The Pants?

Are pants still a part of your Summer Wardrobe? 

It is sunny, hot, and we love it! Short shorts are a must, rompers are frequent, and we are definitely rocking our beloved sundresses. But is there a way to incorporate pants into your hot summer looks? The answer is YES!

Let us dive into the various options you have to properly, stylishly, and most importantly, comfortably incorporate pants into your wardrobe when temperatures are nearing triple digits! There are a number of different styles and fabric combinations that make up the best summer trouser options. The best thing about these style tips, they can be executed at the mall, in a boutique store, or your local thrift store! 

1. Denim

Now, our beloved jeans can come thick enough to keep us warm during the colder seasons, but with such diversity in types of denim as well as the distressed styles many pairs of jeans come in, they can indeed add that edge to your outfit while being cool enough to rock in the hot summer months. Do you prefer totally shredded jeans or large cut-outs that expose your thigh and knee? 

2. Polyester 

Polyester rhymes with Chester, but nothing cheesy here (except that joke lol!) If you feel unfamiliar with the term polyester, you have most likely seen it used in countless women's clothing boutique brands, if you haven't already worn it. Polyester is actually a top pick for Summer pants. Polyester can be found on a number of super cute pant rompers, as well as bell bottoms and palazzo pants. Polyester (and a small mix of spandex) makes for the perfect airy, comfortable, fashion-forward Summer pant! Here are a couple of our perfect Summer pant pieces for you to add to your wardrobe now from our online boutique: (Insert links to Rompers). Polyester and spandex also provide all our favorite mesh looks, including mesh pants that can be worn as a bathing suit cover-up, or a tasteful addition to an outfit with the proper pairings.

3. Linen

Linen is known as a vacation fabric, so it definitely made the list for Summer pant options. As linen hasn't made it to the forefront of summer trends in your go-to women's clothing stores, yet it is an often forgotten comfy option, for those who are under the sun often. Providing a flowy, breathable, and easy garment, a linen pant can be just what you need for that trip to Key West! Linen garment sets are comfortable and are unisex! With the weather approaching 100 degrees many days, a linen pair of pants may be just what you need to add into your summer wardrobe! 

4. Cotton & Spandex 

Cotton is, of course, one of our main textile staples around the world; it's almost a universal standard to have most of your wardrobe made out of cotton. With that, we know there are tons of variations of pants and capris in breathable comfy cotton. Spandex is too a favorite, yet, tight and can create a sweaty dilemma you don't want to deal with while out and about this summer. But, spandex leggings and biker shorts can come in a good quality breathable, and sometimes even absorbent, fabric. Spandex is the fabric of our old trendy gaucho pants, and there are now tons of super cute bell-bottom pants in our favorite stretchy textile. With tons of patterns, styles, and the elasticity that enables them to defy the universal size chart, spandex is too one of our top picks, for summer and truly all seasons. 

Shop these Summer pant looks from our latest collection: (Links) 


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