Best Jeans for Women by Body Type

For many of us, shopping for a new pair of jeans can be a total nightmare. There is something about denim that is both unforgiving and unflattering if it isn’t the right fit. There are also so many styles, cuts, washes and rinses on the market right now, shopping for jeans can be super overwhelming! That’s why it is so important to buy the right jeans for your body type—not only will it make the shopping experience much better, but it will ensure that you get the best for every time. And there is nothing like a pair of jeans that fits you like a glove!

If you have an athletic figure

Those with athletic figures tend to have their bust, hips and waists all with similar measurements. They tend to have a strong shoulder with narrower hips, which makes the boyfriend style perfect for them! The boyfriend style isn’t an easy cut to wear, especially for those with curvy hips—but for athletic girls, the loose fit is perfect, adding some bulk to your lower body, giving you the appearance of curves! On the other hand, skinny jeans can actually create curves on this body type, when paired with a slouchy or voluminous top

If you have an hourglass shape

Everyone is probably jealous of your killer curves (us included!), but we also know that denim shopping can be a major headache for you due to your tiny waist and curvy hips. You could simply resort to wearing a belt with your jeans to avoid that waist gap, but we have a better idea. Go for high-waisted jeans options made of soft, stretchy denim that will gently caress your curves, rather than suffocate them. Opt for a skinny cut rather bootcut or straight as this will help prevent your hips from looking out of proportion.

jeans for curvy women

If you have a long torso

For my ladies with the longer torsos, you want to bring balance to your body when rocking jeans. This means you want to choose denim that will lengthen your bottom half and give the appearance of longer legs. High rise jeans (not necessarily high waisted, because it might be difficult to find jeans that will hit your waistline due to the length of your torso) that sit higher on your hips are the best option for your shape. This will balance your proportions without making you look cut in half!

If you have a short torso

Now on the other end of the spectrum, you should stay far, far away from any high-waisted or high rise styles, unless you want to make your short torso appear even shorter. We want to lengthen your midsection to bring balance to your body which means you can wear those sexy, hip hugging low-rise styles! This will completely remove the potential for shrinking your already short upper body! 

best affordable jeans


If you are apple-shaped

Apple shaped ladies are full of curves with a soft rounded shape and sometimes, it can be hard to find the right jeans. You want to choose styles that will give you a nice streamlined look so high-waisted and skinny styles are the way to go. Opt for darker washes of jeans as well as they will help lean you out and show off your curves without blowing you out or adding bulk. Stretchy denim is your friend because it will be comfortable and super flattering on your shape!

If you are petite 

The rule of thumb for you, is to avoid baggy or oversized styles. Boyfriend cuts or bootleg jeans will overwhelm your petite figure which can end up looking a little unpolished. For a sleek, streamlined look, go for skinny or straight legged styles which will make you longer and leaner. You can also go for lighter washes because these will help add bulk and shape to your tiny body, giving you a curvier appearance. Try to buy jeans that have an inseam that actually hits your ankle, because cuffs can actually make you look shorter. Many clothing stores have a petite line made specifically for ladies like you, so try to shop in that section, or alternately get your too-long jeans hemmed!

ripped jeans for women

The biggest takeaway of all however, is to buy what you love and wear what feels right. These are just a few tips and tricks to help ease your shopping process, but really the choice is yours! 

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